Conducting and directing

Conducting …

In 2012 to 2013 Finlay was appointed to be the first Edinburgh Military Wives Choir musical director.  Over the course of the year, Finlay had the big responsibility of preparing the choir for numerous high profile concerts and events across Edinburgh.

The choir started in August 2012 after the Catterick Military Wives Choir visited Edinburgh and did a taster session with those interested in joining the new Edinburgh choir.  Very soon there were a good number of ladies of all ages from 20’s through to 50s who wished to sing and be part of the Edinburgh Military Wives Choir.

The choir consists of a mixture of women who are connected to the Battalions in Edinburgh  in some way, or to the military through family or jobs which put them in touch with military people.
The different Battalions based in Edinburgh have all been here from different dates but notably 1 Scots have been here a long time around 10 years.
Each battalion has done a tour in Afghanistan which has either preceded or followed the other battalion.

Over the course of the year Finlay took time to attend a workshop led by BBC choir master, Gareth Malone.  The workshop took place over the course of a day in Kneller Hall, the Royal Military School of Music in London.   This was also a great opportunity for Finlay to meet and share tips with other choir musical directors from other Military Wives Choir based throughout the UK.

Finlay was involved in conducting concerts at charity events in Edinburgh’s plush Caledonian Waldorf Astoria Hotel – hosted by Grant Stott, to leading the carols with the choir at Edinburgh Castle’s annual carol service in the Great Hall.

The choir also sang a wide range of repertoire including, You Raise Me Up, Where Ever You Are and Annie’s Song – which were firm favourites of the choir to sing.  

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