The Dawn Chorus

The Dawn Chorus is a film short recently aired on Channel 4’s new series of Random Acts (Summer 2018).  It is a wonderful clever creation by the young Japanese film director, George Wu.  The music by Athos Tsipani compliments the choreography of the bird puppetry and is also a vital element of telling the story.

Never mind Birdland – this swinging jazz number allows all the featured instruments (trumpet, clarinet, piano, drums and double bass) to tweet, squawk, coo, craw and generally flap in their own unique way as only winged creatures know how during their dawn chorus to welcome in the start of a new day.   The trumpet, represents the colourful Kingfisher bird, the instrument’s valves operating the three main sections of the bird, from valve 1 = the tail wing, valve 2 = central wings and valve 3 = head and beak.

The production was filmed and recorded in Edinburgh – in Summerhall, a very apt location as it was the former home of the Dick Vet School.  The ensemble is seen performing in the anatomy theatre – a space not changed drastically since it’s construction in the Victorian era.   Enjoy listening and watching the clip below of The Dawn Chorus.

Recording and session projects: Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Finlay enjoys being part of music sessions whether it is for live or a recording project.  Every experience is very different and varied, always providing an opportunity to think creatively, with an emphasis of keeping ideas fresh.  It forces us as musicians to engage with the sound and musicians around you intensely, especially as they are often one off without or with very little rehearsal.

Finlay’s background as a classical trained trumpet player has given him the foundation and interest to try and explore other music genres and styles.  The discipline of learning as a classical musician has given him the tools to study the characteristics, nuances and musical language of jazz, pop and world music.  Each experience keeps the challenge of playing the trumpet musically interesting and there is never not an opportunity to keep learning from listening to others both within ones own discipline and from others.

Finlay performs on the following instruments: Yamaha Custom 8335 LA Bb trumpet, Custom Satin Gold finish Eclipse flugelhorn, Schilke P 5-4 Bb/A Piccolo trumpet.